Custom Build Conditions

Technical indicators, Stock Scanning Scripts, Expert Commentaries and Trading Systems are based on technical analysis, however their programming can be time-consuming and arduous. As official distributors and trainers for Thomson Reuters Metastock, we can look back on over 25 years experience in custom programming services for professional and private clients. It is important to note that all systems, indicators, scanning scripts, expert commentaries are solely compatible to the Metastock environment and require Metastock XVII D/C or Metastock XVII R/T to be installed on your computer. The following procedure will describe how we deal with custom build requests.

Send us your request

Please use our contact form or send us an email to describe in as much detail as possible your trading idea.

Our Offer

After having received your request, we will inform you if your trading idea is practicable in the real world. Should this be the case, we will inform you of the cost and the approximate timing schedule. We will email you our payment instructions.

Your Order Confirmation

If you agree with our offer, we require an advance payment of 60% of the offer price. The outstanding 40% is payable after our delivery of the finished product.

Production Phase

We initiate the programming of your trading concept. It is important to note that the coding is open source and not encrypted.

Product Delivery

We will email you and supply you with the download link to your system. You test the program and inform us of necessary alterations. Payment of the outstanding 40% of the offer price is due once all alterations have been completed.